Friday, March 20, 2020

Americans flow to the Beaches to challenge Coronavirus Crisis

It's amazing to see what happened this week to Florida beaches, in the US. Thousands of people traveled to the Southern State to enjoy some nice time at the wonderful beaches down there.

In normal times, I'd get jealous of them. God knows how much I want to go to the beach. Unfortunately, the isolation conditions do not allow me to do so. But, seeing images of so many people partying next to each other - and sometimes climbing each other, - in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, it sounded to me crazy and somehow ridiculous. 

In the article I read, it was emphasized that most of them were students from all parts of the country. They went there to celebrate Spring Holidays. This fact makes the whole thing even sadder. If intelligent and well-educated people ignore the risk of coronavirus quite lightly, what can we expect from the rest of the population?

This attitude scores a huge mistake. Italians did the same at the beginning of coronavirus epidemy there, and see what is happening there.

Current Coronavirus Situation in the USA

Just today, in coronavirus update, the USA  ranked number 3 for new cases diagnosed (with 4,332 new infected cases in the last 24 hours). While ranked in fourth place worldwide regarding the number of actively infected people (with 17,763 people).

I have a strong appeal for all participants in the Miami beach tremendous party:

Go and self-isolate yourself at home for the next 20 days! Please avoid further social contacts, and especially do not go to meet your families. It's a pity to infect your families and to cause them huge health problems, just because you're young and immature. 

COVID-19 is not a joke, it is not even just another type of flu. It is a serious public health threat. And, experiences so far have shown that the coronavirus crisis could not be fought by the medical system. The only effective way to beat the virus is ISOLATION and HYGIENE. Exactly the opposite of what you guys did these days.

God Bless America!

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