Friday, March 20, 2020

A Cute Friend approaches Italy in the Worst Days

The news that dolphins are approaching Venice Canal during these days made me smile. It appears to be a good omen for a country that is suffering so much from the coronavirus pandemic.

Famous Venice Canal

Then, I navigated a bit more online to find out more info about this special event. And, as usually ormai, I read some people saying this is not true. According to them, the photos spread around were taken in Sardegna.

What can I say? I don't really care if the dolphins actually went to Venice. I want to believe they went there. I want to believe good things could happen to Italy. People there deserve to smile a bit. They deserve to get distracted for a moment and forget about the tremendous number of deaths and the sufferings of sick people.   

Let's hope more good news will come from Italy in the coming days. Right now they are overwhelmed with over 41,000 infected people and bear the biggest loss in people's lives from the pandemic (over 3,400 deaths). God Bless them! Dio vi benedica!

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