Thursday, February 13, 2020

In the Middle of Disturbing Coronavirus News and Valentine's Day

Today is the day before Valentine's Day and very bad news arrives from China. Today is the day with more registered deaths for coronavirus, 242 infected people. But, this is not the only one bad news from there.

According to the Hubei Health Commission, the area where the 242 deaths are registered, the number of diagnosed people with coronavirus raised with 15,000 new cases. In fact, these are not newly infected cases, but newly diagnosed ones. The health authorities in China have decided to change the methodology they use to diagnose patients with coronavirus.

All that been said, such change puts in discussion all findings of the virus so far. I mean the death rate (1% - 2%), the spread rate (1 - 2.5 other people), etc. All these are crucial parameters to forecast what could be a final picture of the coronavirus storm all over the world. Especially when we hear that a vaccine for the virus could be ready for public use at least 12 months from now. Right now no one in the scientific world can say how this virus will affect the global population.

Coronavirus & Valentine's Day

Meanwhile, all that we can be sure about are the measures recommended by the WHO staff to protect ourselves from the virus. Most important are to keep high personal and places' hygiene and avoid possible ways to get the disease. And, I was laughing with myself yesterday reading somewhere that health experts are advising the population to be attentive with kisses and close contacts. It sounds very funny to say people "please do not kiss on Valentine's Day, otherwise, you get coronavirus" 😂😁.

Imagine how many Valentine's dates could be ruined by the fear of the virus. People should be careful tomorrow not to show even one little sign of flu or cough. Their Valentine's date will be over in the moment they deliver Valentine's gift 💔.

But, as we know love is the one that withstands every difficulty. So dear ladies and gentlemen, this is the case to understand if your partner really loves you. I'm calling it 'Coronavirus Test'. If they kiss you, they love you more than their life 😍.

Apart from jokes, coronavirus news is quite disturbing and I hope we soon get better news from all those brave people that are fighting day and night with the virus. 


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