Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Are You Sick and Poor? - Go Straight to Jail

The sad and unbelievable story happens every day in rural Coffeyville, Kansas, USA. People are going to jail for not paying medical bills there.  

CBS News has followed the case of a family down there, that due to lots of health problems over the years have ended up having a big pile of unpaid medical bills. The main and most expensive treatment was the leukemia of the son.

Suddenly, a lawyer appeared in the county with the mission to collect medical debts from the local population. Without considering the individual cases, he prepared a new law that obliged the medical debtors to appear to court every three months. They should declare to the court, under a vow, that they are too poor to pay the medical bills. In case the debtor does not appear to the court, he/she gets arrested and sent to jail.     

The man of the family followed by the journalists, ended up in jail as he had two jobs and find no time or had no permission from his bosses to appear to the court. He was very depressed while he saw himself in prison, full of delinquents of all kinds. His only fault was to have the bad luck to have health problems in the family and to live in an unfair system. Unfortunately, he is not the only one suffering from the same issue.

It is unfair to say to sick and poor people, go to jail. They are people in need and should get help, especially from the system and the state. I hope this mascarade in rural Coffeyville, Kansas will come to an end ASAP and other ways are found to solve the problem of unpaid medical bills.     

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